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by kim on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses

Ah, the great battle between glasses and contact lenses. There are fierce supporters on both sides of this war, with each having their pros and cons. Let’s look at the arguments behind each, and you can decide which you want to wear.

While it’s much easier to find advantages of contact lenses over glasses, let’s first look at why people prefer glasses. First of all, some people prefer the look of glasses. It gives people a studious, intelligent appearance. Glasses can be fashionable, with many different styles. Glasses can be easily removed. If you want to lie down, you can just take them off. This is not possible with contact lenses. Finally, glasses are very affordable. They can be reasonably priced and are significantly cheaper than contact lenses in the long run.

Contact lenses continue to increase in popularity. They’re worn right on the eye, so your vision is more natural. Peripheral vision is not an issue with contacts. You have a complete field of view. Contacts don’t have weight and a frame slowing sliding down your nose. Contacts don’t fog up with changes in temperature. Athletes prefer contacts because they don’t have to worry about glasses falling off or getting in the way.

If you’re undecided on which option will be best for you, try both of them. Talk with your eye care doctor on which option will suit you better. If you like glasses and contact lenses, many people wear a combination of the two. Experiment with glasses and contact lenses and choose whichever makes you happier!

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